Custom House London

The Custom House on the northern bank of the River Thames in the city of London is an old building that was once used for the collection of taxes. In the past the Custom House was known as the Treasury. From 1450 it was named the Customs House. Today the building is the headquarters of all HM Revenue and Customs.

The Custom House has become an important institution in London. From the beginning it was there to assist the government in collecting taxes and keeping records of all sales, importations and exports that took place in the city. Today the building houses HM Revenue and Customs offices, and there are over fifty offices at different locations around the city. In addition to this, a number of private offices are also located in the building. The offices of HMRC are also open to the public for anyone who wishes to see and speak to someone about their specific needs.

When the Custom House first opened it was not always so busy. However, in recent years the building has become one of the busiest in the entire city. It is considered to be an excellent location because it is close to major roads, the Tate Modern and Piccadilly Circus.