Implementing Cisco Enterprise Routing and Services (ENARSI)

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Solutions (ENARSI v1.2) provides you with the necessary information you need to implement, configure, manage, and troubleshoot a business network. This training course covers complex infrastructure and routing technologies, expanding upon the material covered in Cisco Implementing and Managing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENCOM). In this course, you can also get a basic understanding of routing techniques, Ethernet switches, routing protocol protocols, virtual private LANs, gateway servers, and routing protocol applications. The course also covers routing devices such as routers, switches, bridges, IP telephony, and VPNs. The course does not only teach you how to set up a functional network, but also explains the various routing methods and their advantages Click here and get your latest quesitons answers.

The course is designed to help people with little or no experience in networking or routing to successfully set up and administer Cisco solutions. Students get hands-on experience working with a wide variety of Cisco equipment and software. In fact, they may use this training as a first step in upgrading from basic Cisco networking training. To understand all the technology covered in this training, students must be able to follow an easy-to-follow instruction plan that covers the main concepts of networking. The instructor explains the theory behind routing, LANs, routing protocol applications, virtual private LANs, routing gateways, routing applications, routing protocols, routing technology, routing devices, and virtual LANs. The material covers hardware-based and software-based routing methods. The course includes an examination of how to setup and configure a small network with basic routing methods.

With this course, students get all the information they need to start their own IT consulting or management company. Those who take this course can become an IT consultant or manager, or help managers or customers set up and manage an IT department. To get more information about this course, students should contact a Cisco education representative or a Cisco education website.