Popular Comedy Shows and Dances

What exactly is Broadway musicals? Simply put, Broadway musicals refer to the dramatic live-action theatrical presentations that are given out in the many professional theaters, each of which have more than 500 or so seats. A Broadway musical, then, is a play that is staged in a span of one year on Broadway or a similar Broadway-built theatre or venue. Of all the theatres on the entire planet, Broadway is the most famous – but what exactly is a Broadway musical?

Nathan Burton Comedy

Nathan Burton is a British stand up comedian who has made his name in the world of British comedy. His appearance has made him one of the biggest stars in Britain, apart from Eddie Murphy and David Blaine. He is an up and coming comic with a number of popular shows on both cable channels and DVD. His latest movie “Cabaret” was released in the UK on December 7th, 2021.



Beatleshow is “the best thing since sliced bread!” The legendary pop band that made us all want to be like them has returned to our stage with a show at the Fillmore Auditorium. Don’t miss out on this historic show featuring favorite Beatles songs performed by a huge rock band all together in one place. Experience the magic of America’s greatest rock band at this sold-out show.

Get your tickets early for this amazing show. Doors open at 6 p.m. For parking, there is an additional fee. Beatles fans will have the chance to meet and greet the Fab Four in this historic arena for an encore performance of their historic “beatle jam” classic. Beatles fans can even follow the band around with their own personalized Beatles stickers and take home their souvenir. All ages are welcome and no ticket is required to participate.

Sit back and enjoy sixty-two amazing songs. Experience the timeless music of The Beatles. Beatlemania is back! Beatleshow Promo Code at the Fillmore will leave you craving for more. With special guest performances by The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, and the Yardbirds, plus many others.

If you thought the famous Beatles had left us forever with their music gone into oblivion with their death in 1980, think again. The surviving members are still recording music and performing shows all over the world! This latest tribute to The Beatles, presented by Live Nation, is a fantastic collection featuring all their music recorded up to this point and some newer material as well. Beatles memorabilia and posters are available for purchase.

The Beatles are one of the most recognizable and beloved groups in history. They made an indelible impact on music lovers all over the world, and their influence continues today. Their influence on the music may be more profound than even they know! Experience an incredible night out at the Beatles’ legendary Shea stadium show or experience the Shea Stadium renovation while watching the concert from the comfort of your very own home!

The Shea Stadium show is presented by Live Nation and the concerts at the venue are supported by numerous other top promoter companies. For more information on the concert, tickets and events at the venue, visit the official website on Live Nation. Doors are scheduled to open at 6pm for general admission and all sales final at 8pm.

Marc Savard Comedy

Known for his memorable impressions on television, Marc Savard is also known for his stage hypnotism. Savard’s comedic acting prowess made him a natural choice as a stand up comic. Beginning with his acclaimed stint on The Simpsons, Savard went on to star in such memorable films as Man on the Moon, Wild Hogs, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Steel Magnolias. Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis tickets discount coupon is available. As a comedian, Marc Savard’s ability to draw out complicated characters and deliver his material with flair makes him one of the finest stand up comedy hypnosis experts.

David Tennants Good

David Tennants first came to fame with the group Queen. The band took a number of different styles on their self-titled album including classic rock, pop, folk, and even dance. With his contribution to the band, it was no surprise that he ended up with a number one single for “Hits”. Throughout his time with Queen, he has released an impressive array of solo albums as well as duets with Roger Daltrey and Paul McCartney.


Pilobolus Dance

Pilobolus Dance is a new, contemporary dance company that started doing its first performance in October, 1971. Pilobolus was created by the choreographer, Joseph Cezal, and the director, Frank Kern. The company was founded on the basis of Cezal’s and Kern’s belief that ballet dancers should not focus solely on one technique but learn a wide variety of technique, choreographed in several scales. In fact, Pilobolus strives to bring together different dance elements and styles, which result in a seamless overall effect. Pilobolus was founded on the basis of Joseph Cezal’s and Frank Kern’s belief that ballet dancers should not focus solely on one technique but learn a wide variety of technique, choreographed in several scales.


Murray Celebrity Magician

Murray Divers, also known as Murray Entertainment is a Seattle based magician and entertainer that has been known for his street pranks and special effects for many years. As well as performing many tricks on stage, he has performed them off-stage as part of his many signature street pranks. His regular crowd consists’s mainly of older women who look at him with curiosity as he does his tricks on stage and sometimes in his own home. His regular television appearances have also made him a name in Hollywood as well. He was seen on numerous shows such as American Idol and Chopped and has also done voiceover work for commercials.

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